Transformation Talks

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Honouring the Spirit of the Thunderbird with Riel Dupuis-Rossi

 (An Aboriginal Wellness Program Educational Series on Just Mental Health Practices with Indigenous Peoples)

Transformation Talks! is a series of 8 talks with Riel Dupuis-Rossi, a Two Spirit psychotherapist of Kanienʼkehá꞉ka (Mohawk), Algonquin, and Italian descent in dialogue with Vikki Reynolds a psychotherapist/activist of white settler of Irish/Newfoundland/English origin. Riel and Vikki centre Indigenous knowledges and wisdom in dialogues aimed to shift current psychological and medical understandings and practices in decolonizing and liberatory directions that uphold Indigenous cultural and spiritual ways of being.

Transformation Talks Webinar 1 Sep.10.20: Working therapeutically with suicidality: beyond risk assessment and hospitalization




Transformation Talks Webinar 2 Oct.22.20: What do we mean when we say that racism in health care is structural and systemic?



Transformation Talks Webinar 3 Nov.25.20: The good medicine of respectful relationship: an ethical framework for non-Indigenous practitioners working with Indigenous clients



Transformation Talks Webinar 4 Dec.17.20: How to build respectful relationships with Indigenous medicines: clinical and cultural insights



Transformation Talks Webinar 5 Jan.28.21: Historically-informed Ways of Speaking to Attachment Disruption: making ACES relevant to Indigenous people



Transformation Talks Webinar 6 Feb.10.21: Addictions and substance use in the context of Colonization: understanding the links for Indigenous people



Transformation Talks Webinar 7 Mar.10.21: The connective power of politicizing trauma: what does trauma-informed care mean for Indigenous people?



Transformation Talks Webinar 8 Apr.14.21: Creating Cultural Safety for Trans Indigenous and Two Spirit peoples