murmurations video

Practice and Research as Activism. Vikki Reynolds in conversation with Leah Salter

from Murmurations Journal.


Resisting the neutral and medicalised language of psychology

Radio Interview with 3CR Community Radio in Melbourne, Australia

dulwich centre

Recent Dulwich Centre projects:

resisting call out culture

Resisting Calling-Out Culture: “Leaning in” with respect and dignity.

Haciendo justicia entre nosotres. Apoyándose en dignidad y respeto subtitles by PRANAS Chile

dulwich fem

Influence and critique of Intersectional Feminism in Therapy and Community Work

aaron and vikkie

Feminisms, Narrative Practice & Intersectionality

Resisting Burnout With Justice-Doing Part 1: Collective Care & Ethical Pain

Resisting Burnout With Justice-Doing Part 2: “Trauma” & Resistance

Resisting Burnout with Justice-Doing Part 3: Client-Centered Responses to Burnout

Resisting Burnout With Justice-Doing Part 4: Sustainability & Transformation

Resisting Burnout with Justice Doing
Family and Community Services, Practice Conference
New South Wales, Australia | September 7-8, 2016

Vikki Reynolds on Dignity
Center for Response Based Practice
Vancouver, Canada | April 19, 2017

Justice-Doing in therapy & community work- Vikki Reynold & Mike Boucher
Re-authoring Teaching, Inc.
The Collab Salon | November 2016

“Zone of Fabulousness” Q & A with Vikki Reynolds
University of Calgary, Faculty of Social Work
Calgary, Canada | September 2016


Shona Russell & Vikki Reynolds interview
Re-authoring Teaching, Inc.
The Collab Salon | June 2016



Radical Therapist Podcast #15: Activism in Therapy: An Ethic of Witnessing w/ Vikki Reynolds, PhD
February 14, 2016



Relocating the problem of disability: Norm Kunc, Emma Van der Klift, Vikki Reynolds and Aaron Munro
Dulwich Centre | September 2015


This video explores the intersection of Critical Disability Theory with the principles of Narrative Practice. Norman Kunc & Emma Van der Klift are narrative practitioners who have disabilities; Norman has  cerebral palsy and Emma is Autistic.  In a conversation with Vikki Reynolds and Aaron Munro, Emma and Norman provide two insider perspectives that can help narrative practitioners understand the importance and the process of “relocating the problem of disability.”


Keynote, Social Justice Activism & Community Work: Tensions Points of Connection & Hopeful Scepticism
Center for Response Based Practice, Mind the Gap Conference
Vancouver, Canada | 2015


Honouring Women’s Resistance to Violence and Oppression
Hoopla, A Women’s Health Carnival organized by Positive Women’s Network in partnership with WAVAW and Options for Sexual Health
Vancouver, Canada | October 9, 2014


Film, Under the Rainbow
BC Poverty Reduction Coalition
British Columbia, Canada | 2014



Jackie Wilgress and Vikki Reynolds reflect on Vikki’s training ‘Justice Doing’
Family Worker Training & Development Programme
Vancouver, Canada | October 22, 2013


Resisting and transforming rape culture: An activist stance for therapeutic work with men who have used violence
Working With Men Who Use Violence, A Talking Circle
Parramatta, Australia | October 2013


Keynote, Being Imperfect Allies: Addressing power and being accountable
British Columbia Teachers’ Federation Conference, Our Social Justice Movement: Inspiring schools and communities
Richmond, Canada | April 16, 2011

Resisting burnout in feminist activism

Interview on the F Word August 1, 2011 (Opens in new window)


Activism and Solidarity: the Role of Activists in Academia, Ally Work, and Direct Action
Conversations with activists: 2010 series
University of Victoria, | January 19, 2010