Vikki Reynolds interviewed by Natasha Sanders-Kay for SubTerrain part 1

Video interview around issues of politicization of forgiveness, and possibilities of transformation of accountable community practices that centre the person harmed and resist carceral logics and practices. This video informed Natasha’s article:

Reynolds, Vikki & Natasha Sanders-Kay (2023).The F Word: Vikki Reynolds on the Politics of Forgiveness. Interview conducted by Natasha Sanders-Kay, SubTerrain #92. p. 44-47. 

Vikki Reynolds interviewed by Natasha Sanders-Kay for SubTerrain part 2

Video interview around issues of politicization of forgiveness, and possibilities of transformation of accountable community practices that centre the person harmed and resist carceral logics and practices. This video informed Natasha’s article:

Reynolds, Vikki & Natasha Sanders-Kay (2023).The F Word: Vikki Reynolds on the Politics of Forgiveness. Interview conducted by Natasha Sanders-Kay, SubTerrain #92. p. 44-47. 

Workshop with Vikki Reynolds & What’s Next for Courage to Act

On August 18th, 2021 from 1-3 pm EST, participants had a chance to hear from Dr. Vikki Reynolds, a renowned activist/therapist who works from a decolonizing framework to bridge the worlds of social justice activism with community work and therapy. Vikki led a workshop on solidarity, collective care, and sustainability as a means of responding to gender-based violence.

Interview with Metalogos Systemic Therapy Journal

Vikki talking to members of the Organising Committee of Metalogos’ Day Event June 2021.

Do You Have A Culture Of Collective Accountability?

Podcast Interview with Dr. Michelle McQuaid

In this week’s episode, we explore how to find our zone of fabulousness and the power of collective accountability in the face of work experiences that can lead to “burnout”.


Susan Lord interviews Vikki Reynolds about trauma and resistance

AFTA Keynote 2019 Vikki Reynolds PhD RCC
Justice-Doing with each other: Doing Dignity and respect amidst the darkness of our work

Vikki’s work bridges the worlds of social justice activism and community work, bringing teachings from communities of struggle with histories of solidarity and ‘shouldering each other up’ in dark times. These communities are under attack from structural oppressions, mean spirited and cruel politics.
Vikki will consider these reflexive questions: How can we hold onto respect and dignity for each other when we’re struggling? How can we hold onto our solidarity and our fabulous and painful histories of joint struggle against multiple oppressions including colonialism, white supremacy, legislated poverty, hetero-patriarchy, capitalism and the prison industrial complex? How do we stay in dialogue, with respect, across time, without getting caught up in using power-over practices or re-enacting the abuses of power we are fighting against? How do we enact the analysis and justice-doing we want to create more of? How can we nurture ‘Cultures of Critique’, embrace hopeful scepticism, build solidarity and enact our collective ethics as social justice movements? When resisting powers that work to divide us, how do we enact collective accountability, embrace groundless solidarity and infinite responsibility, and co-create an ethical stance of believed-in hope?


I am honoured by the following generative and important reflections and critiques of my AFTA keynote by three allies who generously contributed to this project:

Jessica ChenFang photoJessica ChenFeng  PhD, LMFT, is Associate Professor of Medical Education and Associate Director of Physician Vitality at Loma Linda University, and an AAMFT Approved Supervisor. Her research, writing, and clinical work centers around sociocontextual issues such as gender and power, Asian American identity, and Christian spirituality. Most recently, she co-authored the book, Finding Your Voice as a Beginning Marriage and Family Therapist. Jessica identifies as a second-generation Taiwanese American liberative educator and lives in Montclair, California, with her husband, their young toddler, and miniature Schnauzer. She loves trees, sourdough bread baking, connecting over coffee, and lightly sweetened jasmine milk tea.

TH smallTravis Heath  is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Metropolitan State University of Denver. He has practiced in Los Angeles, California, is currently a licensed psychologist working in private practice in Denver, Colorado, and is co-founder of Rocky Mountain Narrative Therapy Center (RMNTC). The work he has been focused on includes shifting from a multicultural approach to counseling to one of cultural democracy that invites people to heal in mediums that are culturally near. Writing he has contributed to has focused on the use of rap music in narrative therapy, working with persons entangled in the criminal justice system in ways that maintain their dignity, narrative practice stories as pedagogy, and a co-created questioning practice called reunion questions. His practice has been apprenticed by David Epston, substantially influenced by the work of Makungu Akinyela, and inspired by collaborators such as marcela polanco, Tom Carlson, Sasha Pilkington, and Kay Ingamells. He has been fortunate enough to run workshops and speak about his work in Australia, Canada, Denmark, Hong Kong, Norway, United Kingdom, and United States. He is scheduled to teach in Auckland, New Zealand in November, Mumbai, India in January 2020, and Ystad, Sweden in August 2020

NZ smallNavid Zamani  is a licensed Marriage and Family therapist practicing in San Diego. His work is structured around supporting families experiencing domestic violence, and conceptualizes these experiences from a poststructural, decolonial feminism situated in Narrative practices. His interests in counseling, philosophy, and music are blended together with an interest in relational ethics, the politics of revolutionary love, and leaning into complexity. He currently teaches at San Diego State University and is the Head of Clinical Services at License to Freedom, a non-profit that supports refugees and immigrants from the Middle East who are experiencing domestic violence issues.

murmurations video

Practice and Research as Activism. Vikki Reynolds in conversation with Leah Salter

from Murmurations Journal.


Resisting the neutral and medicalised language of psychology

Radio Interview with 3CR Community Radio in Melbourne, Australia

dulwich centre

Recent Dulwich Centre projects:

resisting call out culture

Resisting Calling-Out Culture: “Leaning in” with respect and dignity.

Haciendo justicia entre nosotres. Apoyándose en dignidad y respeto subtitles by PRANAS Chile

dulwich fem

Influence and critique of Intersectional Feminism in Therapy and Community Work

Resisting Burnout With Justice-Doing Part 1: Collective Care & Ethical Pain

Resisting Burnout With Justice-Doing Part 2: “Trauma” & Resistance

Resisting Burnout with Justice-Doing Part 3: Client-Centered Responses to Burnout

Resisting Burnout With Justice-Doing Part 4: Sustainability & Transformation

Resisting Burnout with Justice Doing
Family and Community Services, Practice Conference
New South Wales, Australia | September 7-8, 2016

Vikki Reynolds on Dignity
Center for Response Based Practice
Vancouver, Canada | April 19, 2017

Justice-Doing in therapy & community work- Vikki Reynold & Mike Boucher
Re-authoring Teaching, Inc.
The Collab Salon | November 2016

“Zone of Fabulousness” Q & A with Vikki Reynolds
University of Calgary, Faculty of Social Work
Calgary, Canada | September 2016


Shona Russell & Vikki Reynolds interview
Re-authoring Teaching, Inc.
The Collab Salon | June 2016



Radical Therapist Podcast #15: Activism in Therapy: An Ethic of Witnessing w/ Vikki Reynolds, PhD
February 14, 2016





Keynote, Social Justice Activism & Community Work: Tensions Points of Connection & Hopeful Scepticism
Center for Response Based Practice, Mind the Gap Conference
Vancouver, Canada | 2015


Honouring Women’s Resistance to Violence and Oppression
Hoopla, A Women’s Health Carnival organized by Positive Women’s Network in partnership with WAVAW and Options for Sexual Health
Vancouver, Canada | October 9, 2014


Film, Under the Rainbow
BC Poverty Reduction Coalition
British Columbia, Canada | 2014



Jackie Wilgress and Vikki Reynolds reflect on Vikki’s training ‘Justice Doing’
Family Worker Training & Development Programme
Vancouver, Canada | October 22, 2013


Resisting and transforming rape culture: An activist stance for therapeutic work with men who have used violence
Working With Men Who Use Violence, A Talking Circle
Parramatta, Australia | October 2013


Keynote, Being Imperfect Allies: Addressing power and being accountable
British Columbia Teachers’ Federation Conference, Our Social Justice Movement: Inspiring schools and communities
Richmond, Canada | April 16, 2011

Resisting burnout in feminist activism

Interview on the F Word August 1, 2011 (Opens in new window)


Activism and Solidarity: the Role of Activists in Academia, Ally Work, and Direct Action
Conversations with activists: 2010 series
University of Victoria, | January 19, 2010